Our Services


Our goal at Deringer Consulting is to help nonprofits excel at fund development.

The scope of work for our clients has included counseling, coaching, training and fundraising implementation. We tailor our solutions to your specific project needs, as well as to your current staff and volunteer capacities.

We help clients secure large gifts from individuals and organizations by identifying quality prospects, building mutually beneficial relationships, making the right ask and executing good stewardship. Deringer Consulting helps client learn how to ask the right person, at the right time, for the right purpose and for the right amount.

Deringer Consulting also helps nonprofits with challenging yet critical needs, such as improving individual giving programs, creating board fundraising campaigns and building a fundraising plan that staff and volunteers can practically execute themselves.


You want to spend maximum time serving your mission and beneficiaries. However, fundraising is the lifeblood of your organization, as it allows you to continue and expand the programs that benefit so many.

At Deringer Consulting, we help you prioritize and develop the most efficient fundraising strategies in order to minimize the time you spend scrambling for resources. That way, you can focus on your mission.

Your needs and strengths are unique, so we use a three-step system that evaluates the DNA and personality of your organization, and that provides a set of strategy- and implementation recommendations. In addition, Deringer Consulting will execute the plan side-by-side with you when you need more hands-on support.


Your needs, strengths, and dreams are particular to your non-profit– that’s why we take the time to understand them completely. We first work with you to identify your non-profit’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, hurdles and goals. During the evaluation process, we act as an objective mirror, reflecting the realities of your situation back to you. Once you know where you are, you can make informed choices about how to get where you want to be.


Once we have gotten to know you, we will build you an individualized roadmap to help you achieve your fundraising goals. Deringer Consulting brings experience to the table. We’ve spent years building up a base of fundraising know-how, and are familiar with both best practices and cutting edge trends. Once we’ve identified the best fundraising strategy for you, we turn it into a template that you can easily replicate on your own. Fundraising can then become a background process in your non-profit, and you can focus your creative energy on achieving your mission.


We pride ourselves on a people-centered approach. After we develop a fundraising strategy, we ensure that your team has the knowledge, tools, and capacity to execute. With a certified background in coaching and facilitation, Derry of Deringer Consulting knows how to help staff navigate the uncertainties and moving parts of raising funds. Deringer Consulting can also implement activities for you if staff capacity is lacking. We enable your nonprofit to establish a foundation for your staff to independently implement in the future. As a part of that process, we can help with prospect research, relationship/lead generation, grant writing, copy writing, and design of collateral material and other services.


Our core areas of fundraising and development expertise include:

  • Major Gifts Programs
  • Board Engagement on Giving and Getting
  • Annual Fund Campaigns
  • Online Fundraising Campaigns
  • Corporate and Foundation Giving


Derry Deringer, CFRE
Deringer Consulting, LLC.
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